ABB Transformer Service Repair & Remanufacture 

Companies routinely operate with similar sized units throughout their system (including spares), whether located at a single site or spread across multiple locations. As a fleet continues to age, a structured replacement program may be a traditional approach, but a remanufacture program may prove more economical. Proactively remanufacturing ‘at-risk’ transformers avoids failures before they occur and extends the life of a fleet at reduced cost and time.

As the owner of the most extensive OEM database in the transformer industry, ABB is capable of pulling the original design information for approximately 70% of the installed base in North America. Current and legacy brands include: ABB, Asea, BBC, General Electric, Maloney, National Industri, Westinghouse.  This means cycle times can be reduced since engineering and fabrication of parts can begin before the unit arrives at the right repair facility. New windings and components can be ready for installation shortly after the unit has been dismantled. Complete in-house diagnostics and testing further ensure that remanufactured units leave ready for installation.

Transformer Remanufacturing Resources at a Glance


  • Maintenance of the most extensive OEM design and drawing database in the industry
  • Employment of design engineers with extensive OEM backgrounds
  • Utilization of technology from numerous ABB transformer factories worldwide
  • Development of engineering analysis and design studies
  • Deployment of field engineers and technicians for customer field support
  • Operation and logistics management of heavy-duty, depressed center, and Schnabel rail cars as well as off-road platform trailers


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