Dynamic Transformer Management Program 

Utility and industrial power system owners understand the importance of reliable power transformers in the network. As transformers age, they can become unreliable. The age of the transformer, environmental demands, as well as use and maintenance practices greatly influence how long a transformer will be able to reliably stay in service. You need an easy way to manage the data on these critical assets in order to increase reliability, reduce the risk of failure and make more effective use of operations and maintenance dollars. 

In this webinar, we will introduce you to a program that will help assess the condition of your power transformer assets, that will not only take into consideration static transformer conditional information, but will also integrate new data (as well as on-line measurements gained through monitoring solutions) as it becomes available. This evolution of transformer condition evaluation permits customers to get updates on a 24/7 basis when their transformer begins acting unreliably. This allows system operators to determine condition based maintenance actions that minimize maintenance spending, while maximizing transformer reliability.


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