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About ABB

A global leader in power and automation technologies, ABB is based in Zurich, Switzerland, operates in approximately 100 countries and employs 145,000 people.

ABB was one of the first companies to develop a transformer, integrating it with the world’s first commercial AC power transmission link, a solution innovated by ABB in 1893 to connect a hydropower plant with a large iron ore mine in Sweden.

Since then – and for almost 120 years - ABB has continually extended the limits of transformer performance by developing new technologies and materials that raise efficiency, reliability and durability to new levels.


ABB power and distribution transformers are found wherever electricity is generated, transported and consumed – in power plants and substations, skyscrapers and shopping malls, ships and oil platforms, locomotives and railway lines, wind parks and solar power fields, water and wastewater treatment plants.

Today ABB is the global leader in this vital power technology, with a leading global market share and an innovation track record that is second to none.

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